The third novel in the Songs of the Interstitium series will be entitled Library of the Beautiful Hybrids. In this book Rowan Sweeney is an experimental poet performing at venues across Europe, North Africa, the US and the Middle East. He becomes fascinated (in 2012) by the cosmological significance of three mythic beings: Thoth, Sesheta/Seshat and Saraswati – ancient Egyptian and Indian deities of creativity respectively. He writes Awake in the Chamber of Darkness – The Egyptian Sequence of poems during his travels whilst debating New Science perspectives on mystic experiences with his lover and fellow performer. See also individual poems from the sequence: Our Biosemiotic Clay is AfricanHypatia and the Ruined Serapeum and The Australian Ibis published at Poetry Life and Times (UK/Spain) in 2015-16] Two other poems: ‘The Great Library’ and ‘Thoth Meditates on Imperial Hubris’ appeared in Painted Words 2015.

Note: A talk entitled: Hermes, Thoth and Seshat: (Un)heralded Gods of the Postmodern Transition’, was delivered by Ian Irvine (Hobson) on Monday August 3rd, 2015 for Philosophy in the Library (at the Bendigo Library). Listen to  edited versions of Part One and Part Two of the talk posted at Soundcloud.