The following talk/presentation, delivered at the Aradale Creativity Retreat in 2014, speculates on certain traditional ‘supernatural’ or ‘paranormal’ anomalies/phenomena that might warrant New Science perspectives. The idea of the talk was to encourage creative people to engage with the findings of the New Physics and move beyond Classical Science perspectives on a range of sometimes inexplicable phenomena.

Talk/article: New Science Perspectives on Ghosts and other Paranormal Phenomena

NOTE: Songs of the Interstitium explores a range of ideas arising out of the so-called ‘New Sciences’ via its five novel core narrative. In particular, the following ideas feature in the various novels: 1) parallel realities and parallel selves (i.e. the Many Worlds and Many Minds interpretations of Quantum mechanics); 2) the so-called ‘programmed/information universe’ theory; 3) unusual phenomena related to quantum theory: e.g. the enigma of quantum wave function collapse during the double-slit experiment; conditions for coherence and decoherence in Q fields at  Macro-scale levels;  the role of consciousness in the collapse of the wave function; the phenomena of ‘entanglement’, ‘action at a distance’ and ‘non-local causality’.