[Feature image courtesy Bendigo Writers’ Festival photographer 2014, copyright retained by BWF all rights reserved.]

The various media platforms associated with Songs of the Interstitium will gradually come online (and elsewhere) over the next five years as interconnected strands of a core narrative sequence emanating from this online hub but ‘spreading’ out in all directions (i.e. across multiple platforms). However, though Songs of the Interstitium’ is touted as a Transmedia project it is worth asking what that means exactly. And how does Transmedia authorship differ from ‘Multimedia’ writing?

The following talk/article was first presented at the Bendigo Fringe Festival in 2014.
Are You Digitally Born or Reborn?: Transmedia Authorship in a Holographic Multiverse’ 
Aspects of it were also discussed at the Bendigo Writers’ Festival in the same year during a fascinating panel labelled The Future of Writing. I also delivered a version of the presentation to The Central Victorian Young Writers’ Association (2016). In 2015 I taught a year long subject on the subject (expanded of course) to students enrolled in the Cert IV and Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing courses at Bendigo Kangan Institute (the subject was entitled: ‘Literature in a Transmedia World’ and students had to develop a fully-fledged transmedia project of their own). The article has also been up at my Authorsden site since late 2014.

To summarise: Transmedia authorship invites us to see the construction and dissemination of ‘narratives’ of all descriptions in non-traditional ways. It also asks us to move beyond the slow moving restraints of aspects of the traditional publishing world.