Library of the Marvellous Hybrids – the third novel of the ‘Songs of the Interstitium series/transmedia project’ – follows Rowan Sweeney (residing in an alternative version of post-millennial Italy as an experimental/Quantum poet and university academic) as he performs across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and India. He writes a number of poetry sequences during his travels that entered our timeline/reality by way of an ornate wooden box found in a cave complex at the back of a block of land near Harcourt, central Victoria (Australia in 2006). Although the novel (Library of the Marvellous Hybrids) will not be published for a couple of years, poetry associated with the Marvellous Hybrids novel has been circulating internationally since 2012.

Access full versions of the relevant poetry sequences by clicking on the links below:

The Alchemical Sequence
Coral Reverie: The Darwinian Poems
Awake in the Chamber of Darkness – the Egyptian Sequence

Acknowledgements: Around 11 poems from these collections have already been published on the WWW or in print over the past few years (in our timeline) – in particular via the innovative poetry/poetics journal Poetry, Life and Times (UK/Spain). A special thanks in particular to editor and poet, Robin Ouzman Hislop for his support of innovative poetry and poetics in the digital (and perhaps quantum computer!) environment. In particular: Poetry Life and Times have published the following Poems from Coral Reveries: 1) Infusoria’: 2) Poetry Sequence 1 from Coral Reveries – Three Poems (also included in digital anthologies: Collection 1 and Collection ) 3); Poetry Sequence 2: Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle. (For Audio go to: Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle Revisited]. They also published the following poems from Awake in the Chamber of Darkness: ‘Hypatia and the Ruined Serapeum’, ‘The Australian Ibis’ and ‘Our Biosemiotic Clay is African’ (in 2015-16).I’d also like to thank artist, writer and alchemy web-designer Adam McLean for allowing me to use his wonderful images in the Alchemical Sequence below:

‘Thoth Meditates on Imperial Hubris’ and ‘The Great Library’ were published in Painted Words 2015. A number of the poems in these sequences have also been performed on radio (2012) and at the Bendigo Fringe Festival (2014).