Various semi-comic animations introducing the series have been rendered to date. The clips below are brought to life via Plotogon animation creation software.

Watch Scott and Jessica – animations from a parallel universe – discuss Dinas Yarkuk: City of Quartz (novel), quantum physics, Australia and salt water crocodiles!

The second clip – more comedic than the book itself – features a zombie queen (Dhombu) and her living doppelganger from a parallel universe discussing Book 2 of the series i.e. The Isle of Ruins. Note: Book Two has a Fantasy sub-plot in the form of a weird ‘super-immersive’ fantasy role-playing game, but is largely set in the UK in 2008-2010 – during the global financial crisis.

Finally, watch Douglas Green and Isabelle, two characters from the first novel, The City of Quartz, discuss their role in the novel.