(attached to Poetry Life and Times (PLT) and Artvilla) recently reviewed the first poetry sequences arising out of the Songs of the Interstitium transmedia project: see Motherbird Review by Robin Ouzman Hislop (June 25th, 2016) of Poetry Life and Times (UK/Spain).

“In Songs of the Interstitium in Book 3 – Poetry Sequence from Library of Marvellous Hybrids we are introduced to 3 series of poetics, all created by the fictional Rowan Sweeney. One is almost reminded of the Portuguese poet Pessoa and the many fictional identities he assumed to write poetry through. [He treats a number of new science and new media themes] with tremendous innovative, imaginative literary force and mood. There are brilliant constructions, where the poet grapples with an understanding of consciousness and the history of archetypes that underlay it. However, I must admit, that for sheer force of lyricalism, where the poet depicts the shocked mind of Darwin, as the concept of evolution dawns on him, I personally am most drawn to the Coral Reverie: Voyage on the Beagle: (The Darwinian Poems) series.” Robin Ouzman Hislop, editor of Poetry Life and Times and

Artvilla also published the review and links to the poetic part of the project at: Artvilla.