June BWC Newsletter: Review of talk on Simulated Realities and Parallel Worlds (which took place May 17th 2017). Read extracts from the review/newsletter here: Review of Simulated Reality and Parallel Worlds Talk for BWC May17th 2017.

28th May 2017: A 25 page article entitled ‘Are You Living Inside a 23 Century Literary Masterpiece?’ was published at Authorsden.comThe article explores the history of the ‘Simulated Reality’ trope in Sci Fi and Quantum Fiction and includes a worksheet designed to assist writers create their own ‘Simulated Reality’ stories. The article is an in-depth exploration of some of the material covered in the workshop discussed below. Click to go direct to the PDF.  Note: the Simulated Reality trope will be used in Book Two of the Songs of the Interstitium project – i.e. The Isle of Ruins.  

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017 (7-9 pm, Bendigo Goldfields Library): Many thanks to the 30+ writers/participants who attended the talk/workshop which was entitled Two Tropes of Quantum Fiction: Many Worlds/Many Selves and Simulated Realities (or ‘Are we Living Inside a 23 Century C.E. Literary Masterpiece?‘). Participants birthed ideas for novels, stories and poems and generally discussed the finer points of these fascinating speculative fiction tropes. The presentation added to the performance and nonfiction dimensions of the Songs of the Interstitium Transmedia Project and the novel The City of Quartz was used to illustrate aspects of the presentation.  Thanks also to the Bendigo Goldfields Library and the Bendigo Writers Council for staging the event. See also event flier.