Songs of the Interstitium is unfolding as a multi-platform story project set on five continents, as well as a number of fantastical worlds/eras. The main narrative action in each book occurs between 1990 and 2020 – a critical period for the future of the human species (and many other species) on planet earth. Beginning with the ‘postmodern transition’ of the 90s and ending in the post-postmodern period (the 2020s) the five books explore the nature and role of creativity in the lives of individuals and the species crisis moment represented by the ‘postmodern transition’. The main character, Rowan Sweeney, gradually merges a range of ‘creative sub-selves living in a number of parallel timelines – but for what personal and species purpose?

The first novel in the series, ‘The City of Quartz’, is set in an alternative central Victoria and explores both alternative reality and alternative selves tropes. Other novels in the series – The Isle of Ruins, Library of the Marvelous Hybrids, Desert Music and Convergence: The Orpheus Plague – will be released sequentially between 2016 and 2020.

The City of Quartz is Book 1 of the Songs of the Interstitium Series and Transmedia Project
The City of Quartz is Book 1 of the Songs of the Interstitium Series and Transmedia Project

This site will act as a hub for a range of entrance points (both old and new media) to core narratives found in the novels. The project will unfold via the five novels, as well as several poetry collections, numerous public talks/podcasts/articles, songs by a parallel reality band called ‘Interstitium’, and online courses concerned with various imaginative topics explored in the books.

‘Participatory creativity’ experiences will also allow audiences to inhabit (and perhaps partially create) some of the worlds Rowan Sweeney and his band of creative misfits and doppelganger selves exist in.


Songs of the Interstitium is closely aligned with the philosophy of the Zoetics Institute (which, along with the cross-media publisher Media Australia, will coordinate the project in ‘this timeline’ 🙂 ) and Transpersonal Relational Poetics .