EVENTS, NEWS, CONTENTS RELATED TO Library of the Marvelous Hybrids

2015-16: Poetry Life and Times (UK/Spain) published the following poems from Awake in the Chamber of Darkness: ‘Hypatia and the Ruined Serapeum’, ‘The Australian Ibis and ‘Our Biosemiotic Clay is African’. The poems seem to relate to Story Line/Reality 1 for this novel (see below). PLT also reviewed the entire Songs of the Interstitium project.

November 2015: ‘The Ghost Narrates’, a poem, is published in Painted Words 2015. The poem appears to be linked to Story Line 2 (see below) of the novel MS, Library of the Marvelous Hybrids.

August 3rd, 2015: A talk entitled:Hermes, Thoth and Seshat: (Un)heralded Gods of the Postmodern Transition’ was delivered by Ian Irvine (Hobson) (for The Zoetics Institute) – part of Philosophy in the Library (at the Central Goldfields Library). Listen to edited versions of Part One and Part Two of the talk posted at Soundcloud. The poems  seem to relate to Story Line 1 of the novel (see below).

2015: Poems from the poetry sequence Awake in the Chamber of Darkness are distributed via (go to the full poetry collection) and Painted Words 2015 (which publishedThe Great Library’ and ‘Thoth Meditates on Imperial Hubris). The poems seem to be related to Story Line/Reality 1 of this novel [see below].

2014-2015: Poetry, Life and Times (UK/Spain) published 7 poems from Coral Reveries: 1) Infusoria’: 2) Poetry Sequence 1 from Coral Reveries – Three Poems; 3) Poetry Sequence 2: Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle. (For audio go to: Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle Revisited). A number of the poems were also recited on radio (Phoenix FM – Crazy Words Show, with James Roberts, 2012) and at the Bendigo Fringe Festival (2013). A full version of the entire sequence, Coral Reveries, was also published at Authorsden and Scribd in 2012-13. These poems seem to be linked to Story Line 1 (see below) i.e. Rowan Sweeney the experimental poet.

2014: Poem published via Wattpad [by Zoetics Institute (Transmedia Publishing)] entitled: ‘The Ghost Narrates’See also a version published in August 2014, at This poem appears to be linked to Story Line 2 [see below] of the novel MS, Library of the Marvelous Hybrids. Rowan Sweeney, professional cricketer and coach, seems to be the narrator.

2013: Over fifty pages of poetry entitled The Alchemical Sequence were published at and SCRIBD online. The poems seem to have been written by the ‘Rowan Sweeney’ explored in Story Line 1 (see below) of this novel, i.e. the experimental poet. They may have been written between 2008-2013 (in that reality). [Special thanks to writer, artist and alchemy web-designer Adam McLean for permitting the Zoetics Institute to use his wonderful images in this time line’s version of The Alchemical Sequence. Go to: ]

STORY LINES FOR Library of the Marvelous Hybrids – Book 3 of Songs of the Interstitium
Two Rowans, two worlds/timelines …

  1. Rowan (1) – Library of the Marvelous Hybrids (Story Line 1) follows Rowan Sweeney – poet and academic living and teaching in an alternative version of the post-millennial Italian Riviera – as he performs poems and delivers lectures across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and India between 2010 and 2011. After taking up with a young female mystic, (also a poet and academic) he is forced to change his thinking/poetic, basically Oulipean and Cageian, to include work that  attempts to fuse a Quantum influenced poetics with ancient alchemy and Hermetism. He begins to write a non-fiction book on Hermetism-Alchemy, Quantum physics and Postmodernism (see links to various essays/chapters published across the WWW, and delivered as talks/presentations – in this timeline – between 2008 and 2016). Inspired by his lover’s attitude toward the sacred, he also begins to write a number of poetry sequences dealing with alchemy, Egyptian mythology, Darwinism and the like. The pieces enter our timeline/reality by way of an ornate wooden box found in a cave complex at the back of a block of land near Harcourt, central Victoria. Poetry associated with this Story Line have been circulating internationally in our timeline since late 2012.Hermapolis2
  2. Rowan (2) is a retired New Zealand test cricketer coaching a side in the IPL (Indian Premier League). He grows tired of the sport’s commercialism and decides to take a trip with his wife tracking the ancient Saraswati River into northern India and Nepal.ShrineChitwanNationalParksthNepal

How the Two Time-Lines Will Intersect
The poet and a female mystic/academic/performer make their way eastward through Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Israel etc. performing and lecturing on avant garde poetries. Secretly the academic is also tracking a legendary ‘proto-Gnostic’ stash of ancient manuscripts (though she suspects she is tracking a hoax). They end up in India. Meanwhile  the cricketer and his wife are visiting ancient Indus Valley/Harrapan etc. sites in India and the mountains of Nepal. After a ‘convergence’ of the two timelines near the Tibetan border, both Rowans and their partners head to Australia (Castlemaine, specifically). Rowan (2) travels via Thailand, Sumatra, Java and Bali – where he and his partner experience a Saraswati epiphany concerning movement/dance and creativity in busy Ubud.

The Poet, on the other hand, heads back with the Australian academic to central Victoria, where they hole up on a farm (actually an artist’s commune) near Harcourt. On an impulse, they decide to marry in late 2011.