NEWS, EVENTS, WWW CONTENT RELATED TO The Orpheus Plague (Book 5 of Songs of the Interstitium)
Mid-November 2016: A short Appendix to Book 5 of the series, i.e. Convergence: The Orpheus Plague, has appeared in Painted Words 2016 (submitted by the Zoetics Instititue – Transmedia Publishing wing). Tracking the piece down, however, will require a bit of detective work on the part of readers!

Storylines for Convergence: The Orpheus Plague
Two worlds/timelines give way to a number of ‘communicating/entangled” worlds/timelines. The various Rowans grow increasingly aware of each other as this final book heads toward the series/project conclusion. Two strange hybrids also enter the scene. Core story:

  1. Rowan (1) is a teacher who has also practiced various creative vocations throughout his life to what he calls ‘second eleven’ level. He feels as though he has never really specialised in any one vocation and doesn’t really want to. He lives on a block of land near Harcourt, Central Victoria in a timeline very much like ours. As this novel begins he is fifty-two years old and feels the need to transit to a less energy sapping occupation so that he can fulfil a task that has been set for him by ‘the Muse’. As the world drifts toward climactic and geopolitical chaos he realizes that he needs to unify all of his creative etc. sub-selves under the creative discipline of ‘transmedia storytelling’. The story he is gifted is a complex one involving many selves in many worlds and he is unsure that he has the capacity to fulfill the project set.NorthernPlains1
    2. Rowan (2) is an agglomerate of the two Rowan’s from Book 1. Skilled in transpersonal psychology, sport and academia from the Rowan (2) of Book 1, and music and activism from Rowan (1) of book 1, he becomes an expert in the  New Sciences after being cast adrift from one of his realities. He moves into the New Sciences from 1997 onward, in order to try and understand his situation, at the same time as he tries to track ‘Quantum Girl’ – a woman he has encountered in both Marin E Bek and his new reality throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s. He forms fleeting relationships haunted by his transmigration and travels to Europe, Asia, the US, NZ and the Middle East in search of the strange woman, before returning to Douglas’s block  in central Victoria. The block has now been set up by Rhiannon (2012-2016) as a Transmedia artist’s commune, and she is attempting to merge information, texts etc. from multiple realities for some unknown purpose.Rowan (2) experiences a convergence close to the end of the novel, but not before the story takes a SF turn after the mysterious woman contacts him again to explain her activities across multiple realities over the previous quarter century.All the Muses of the five stories are living versions of themselves in Rowan’s (2) current timeline. These women have been directed by their other worldly selves to go and live in the commune near Castlemaine. Most of them are in their 40s and 50s as the story unfolds – some have husbands and grown-up children. They turn out to be part of the convergence.

As the two narratives of this book begin to merge, the various Rowan’s from the other books also show up as ‘anomalies’ bearing ‘creative gifts’ for all the other Rowans and their partners and friends.