Transmedia – Examples and Designer Software (The Future of Story-telling?)

Songs of the Interstitium is a transmedia project involving half a dozen ‘core’ old media platforms as well as a number of new media platforms. The ‘core’ elements match the vocational choices of the main character of the narrative – Rowan Sweeney – and unfold across a number of ‘worlds/’realities’ (making The City of Quartz a magical realist story). A sample: innovative quantum/biosemiotic poet (ebook, podcasts and live performances); novelist (print and ebook); transpersonal psychologist/teacher/writer (print, ebook, podcast, online articles, public talks/ performances); editor/publisher (book publisher and CEO of a Transmedia Publishing Collective); Musician/Songwriter (online distribution via Reverbnation and live performances), etc. The story already has a web-hub, photographs, polls, QR codes designed to unlock extra content. As the story unfolds other media versions of the narrative will be added until 2020 when the parallel selves in parallel worlds ‘converge’ in the final novel of the series. In particular, we are looking at ways to embed participatory elements between now and 2020. The Zoetics Institute (with the assistance of Media Australia) is currently acting as the publishing collective responsible for organising the various media platforms into an integrated story.

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