NEWS, EVENTS and WWW CONTENT RELATED TO THE TWO STORYLINES/REALITIES EXPLORED in The City of Quartz (Book 1 of The Songs of the Interstitium Transmedia Project)

Feb 26th 2017: A reading from Chapter 48 of The City of Quartz performed at the Feb. 2017 The Write Stuff @ Music Man Bendigo event. Also: short introduction to the ‘Songs of the Interstitium’ transmedia project. NB: this public event, and events like it in our timeline/narrative line, may feature in the creative non-fiction narrative unfolding in the final book of the series/project.

1st January 2017: A talk on the project, and more specifically on The City of Quartz, is booked for early May 2017 at the Bendigo Goldfields Library for members of the Bendigo Writers Council.

October 2017: Explore some of the research behind The City of Quartz.

May-November 2016: The City of Quartz available internationally as a print book. (The book can be borrowed from various Australian libraries as of March 2017)

A3PortraitPosterCityofQuartz2Posters (see left) featuring QR encoded links have started to appear across central and northern Victoria. The book was submitted to a number of Australian speculative fiction competitions and the project website was listed/archived by TROVE/National Library of Australia  and Austlit.


May 2016: Ian, of the Zoetics Institute, delivered a talk for Philosophy in the Library (at Bendigo Library) entitled: ‘Creative Utopias and Dystopias: Alternative Histories and Parallel Worlds’. The talk discussed key themes behind both the overall Songs of the Interstitium project and the novel The City of Quartz.

2013-2016: Distribution – at various sites – of songs by the parallel realities band Interstitium (fronted in this novel and in Book 4 – Alt Rock/Alt Right: The Unlikely Dissident, see links above, by Rowan Sweeney]. Release sites: (2013), Reverbnation (2014) and Soundcloud – Interstitium in Concert (live at Dinas Yarkuk, late1997, posted mid 2016).

INTRODUCTION to The City of Quartz
CityofQuartzThumbNailFrontCovFinal0646956329The series Songs of the Interstitium begins with The City of Quartz – a novel MS found in an ornate box within a cave complex near Harcourt, central Victoria in 2007. The box contained five novel manuscripts in all, plus a bizarre map, the flag and currency of a strange country and a DVD featuring puzzling multimedia content and an obscure warning about the supposed capacity of the DVD and its content to ‘destabilize’ analog www environments if prematurely released via our global ‘super-brain’. The content purports to have been gathered and collated by the ‘Dinas Yarkuk Transmedia Collective’.

The first book of the series – The City of Quartz – is briefly introduced below …

Short Synopsis: Rowan Sweeney is a thirty-three year old perpetual student with relationship and vocational issues. Out of desperation he takes a job with Douglass Green – a Doctor of ‘something or other’, publisher of ‘curios’, and New Age therapist living in Central Victoria. Rowan soon discovers Green has a hidden agenda involving Neo-Druidism, Alchemy, cricket, music, obscure languages, and a quantum computer. Asked to write a biography about Abraham Isles, ‘an important 19th Century convict-mystic’, Rowan quickly realises he’s in over his head.


The novel is partially set in an Alternative Australia where the European colonisation of the continent took a different path early in the 1830s – a path that led to a functional Aboriginal/Koori state that absorbed progressive/Idealist migrants from Europe and elsewhere. The novel explores themes related to: the place of creativity in life and society, the impact of colonisation on indigenous peoples, New Science notions of self-identity, love and remorse, creativity and physical reality, and the age old conflict between Materialism and sacralised views of the cosmos. It is also a love story about the difficulties creative people face in assuming adult responsibilities in our complex post-modern world.

The City of Quartz is Book 1 of the Songs of the Interstitium Series and Transmedia Project
The City of Quartz is Book 1 of the Songs of the Interstitium Series and Transmedia Project