Songs of the Interstitium

(A Transmedia Project set in Multiple Worlds)

Workshop and Article Exploring the Simulated Reality Trope in Sci Fi and Quantum Fiction

June BWC Newsletter: Review of talk on Simulated Realities and Parallel Worlds (which took place May 17th 2017). Read extracts from the review/newsletter here: Review of Simulated Reality and Parallel Worlds Talk for BWC May17th 2017. 28th May 2017: A 25... Continue Reading →

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Songs of the Interstitium Transmedia Project

The magical realist novel, The City of Quartz, was published in May 2016 and is the first of a five book series that will also feature a range of other offerings across various platforms. The second book in the series... Continue Reading →

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Alternative Reality/Alternative Rock band Interstitium (as featured in The City of Quartz)

This is the excerpt for a placeholder post.

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Explore Some of the Research Behind “The City of Quartz”

A range of texts, historical events, bands and historic cultural items feature in The City of Quartz. Readers of the book can delve into some of the research by following the links below: Emile by J. J. Rousseau. This book was... Continue Reading →

Many Worlds/Many Selves: New Science Thinking Behind Songs of the Interstitium

The novels, poems, articles, songs etc. associated with Songs of the Interstitium are presented via the five novels as  the work of a range of creative subselves ('creative heteronyms') associated with the main character, i.e. 'Rowan Sweeney'. The various 'Rowans' are living... Continue Reading →

The City of Quartz Now on Sale

The City of Quartz, the first novel in the Songs of the Interstitium series, is finally available as a print book. The first site offering the novel to the general public is the Book Depository (UK) which has free postage to... Continue Reading →

Review of Poetry Arising out of Songs of the Interstitium Project (June 25th 2016) (attached to Poetry Life and Times (PLT) and Artvilla) recently reviewed the first poetry sequences arising out of the Songs of the Interstitium transmedia project: see Motherbird Review by Robin Ouzman Hislop (June 25th, 2016) of Poetry Life and Times (UK/Spain). "In... Continue Reading →

Animations in a Parallel Universe discuss Songs of the Interstitium

Various semi-comic animations introducing the series have been rendered to date. The clips below are brought to life via Plotogon animation creation software. Watch Scott and Jessica - animations from a parallel universe - discuss Dinas Yarkuk: City of Quartz (novel), quantum... Continue Reading →

QR Code Experiment for Songs of the Interstitium

We're gradually adding various less conventional media access points ("Portals") to the Songs of the Interstitium project. Currently we're playing around with QR codes embedded in images (which will be used in posters/in the pages of The City of Quartz/on postcards,... Continue Reading →

Book Three – Poetry Sequences from ‘Library of the Marvellous Hybrids’

Library of the Marvellous Hybrids - the third novel of the 'Songs of the Interstitium series/transmedia project' - follows Rowan Sweeney (residing in an alternative version of post-millennial Italy as an experimental/Quantum poet and university academic) as he performs across Europe,... Continue Reading →

The City of Quartz: A many worlds, many selves transmedia project.

Fr. Chansons de l'interstitium - La Ville de Quartz - A beaucoup de mondes, de nombreux mêmes projet transmédia. Welsh. Caneuon y Interstitium - Mae Dinas Quartz - Mae llawer o fyd, mae llawer o hunain prosiect Transmedia. Sc. Gaelic. òrain an Interstitium... Continue Reading →

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